Joe Ryan and Anne plan trips for specialty groups with a specific goal in mind: to give back.

While partnering with other organizations, Joe and Anne make the San Juan outdoors more accessible to young people, veterans and athletes with adaptive needs.

San Juan LEADS is highlighed “The Power of Mountain Adventures” by Tanya Ishikawa in the Legacy Issue of Montrose Style Magazine



The Board is comprised by active and retired members of our military and special forces, mental health professionals specializing in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Special Educators specializing in mobility and adaptive needs. Other non-voting members serve as liaisons to local veteran support organizations, adaptive endeavor organizations and schools.   It is an expectation of the Board to actively participate in LEADS Trips that are customized for Board Development as well as to participate as a facilitator on one of the specialty trips of choosing. Board Members will be trained in aspects of PTSD, Wilderness Adventure and First Aid and How to Guide an Athlete with Special Needs.


Each year, San Juan LEADS Serves Board and Employees will articulate programs in each of the areas of focus.   These trips will be shared through our network of organizations that serve our target populations.   Potential participants will apply and be considered by the Board who will serve as the selection committee in the first year of operation. The Board will determine right fit for the LEADS Vision and Mission.   The intent is to serve all who apply and meet the criteria of our target audience as reflected in the application form. This is dependent on funding and organizational capacity. All participants will participate in the pilot program of their choice, following the LEADS framework for programmatic elements outline above!


San Juan LEADS will be supported in large part by grants, donations, and fundraising. Limited funds will be generated by Professional Development Fees charged to organizations and group leaders. Grants will provide the target groups (youth, veterans, athletes) with program free of charge.   Goods, services and funds will be allocated to program participants to cover the costs of travel, equipment, support services, and fees to recreational guides and trip providers.   San Juan LEADS board and staff will serve as coordinators for all aspects of a client’s program, start to finish and including all programmatic elements.